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Protecting Our Vote

I believe that it should be "Easy to Vote. Hard to Cheat." As Storey County Clerk Treasurer, my primary mission would be to work within the law to implement procedures and practices that restore our confidence in the vote. You have my pledge!

The responsibilities of the Clerk Treasurer are multiple, and critical to the efficient management of county operations, but the 2020 election controversy opened our eyes to the fact that one duty of the Clerk Treasurer is of critical importance and is foundational to our Republic: the duty to plan and conduct Elections.

Since 2020, Nevada's election laws have fundamentally changed in a way that opens our system to fraud and corruption by legalizing:

  • Universal Mail-in Voting

  • Ballot Harvesting

  • Election Day Voter Registration

  • Voter Registration at the DMV and Social Services Offices

We citizens have now lost confidence in the integrity of our elections.


All citizens, regardless of party affiliation, should expect that our elections are free and fair, and that election officials will do all legally possible to ensure the integrity of our vote.

I ask for your vote so that we can do this together.

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