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Meet Jim Hindle


Like many in Storey County, I choose to live here because I value our rural beauty and peace. I have been blessed to live and experience the life styles of big-city life and small towns in this country as well as life overseas.

I was born in St. Louis, MO and grew-up in Missouri, New York/New Jersey, Ohio and Minnesota. I earned my BA in Biology from Lawrence University in Appleton WI and my MBA in Finance & Marketing from Washington University in St. Louis.


After a 20 year career in General Management, Sales & Marketing management, and New Business Development with the Inland Steel Company and and its subsidiary Ryerson Inc., I left the corporate world in 2001 and founded Cascade Survey Research - a market intelligence firm specializing in information benefiting companies in Healthcare and medical device industries.

My career assignments have posted me to various states in the US as well as international expatriate assignments in China.


I've always had strong political interest and advocated for conservative and patriotic principles and values, but it was experiencing life in communist China and dealing with authoritative and bureaucratic governments around the world that really reinforced my appreciation and value for the extraordinary system established by our Founding Fathers.

Back in 2012, issues and events motivated me to get more involved. I attended my Storey County Republican precinct meeting, got elected to county convention, and you have probably seen me around advocating for our interests ever since!

I have served as Chair of the Storey County Republicans, Vice Chair of the Nevada Republican Rural Caucus, Finance Chair and am currently the Vice Chair of the Nevada Republican Party. In 2020 I was elected by Nevada Republicans to be a delegate to the Republican National Convention as well as one of Nevada's six Republican Presidential Electors.

I also serve on the Storey County Planning Commission, and was its elected Chair for three terms. In 2021 the County Board of Commissioners appointed me to represent Storey County on the Carson River Water Sub-Conservancy Board of Directors - a state-chartered agency with responsibility for water resource planning and management for the communities of the Carson River Watershed, which includes Virginia City and Mark Twain.


My experience on these Boards has provided me broad knowledge of the issues and challenges confronting our communities. I hope you'll agree that this, combined with my education, management & financial expertise, and statewide associations, prepares me to be the best choice for your Storey County Clerk Treasurer.

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